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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Oil & Fair to the the house of the brand. The House of the Coco offers the best coconut oil – Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, a quality: produced by dry, special food safe, good texture, light and delicate scent of coconut. – Virgin Coconut Oil, mm: produced by wet and dirt, it is made 100% in cold weather, hence its remarkable adaptation for the skin. Excellent vegetable; rather, odour and Coco; very soft texture. Natural, antibacterial, toned, the Virgin Coconut Oil offers you a true cure for fitness and a powerful stimulant, for you and for your skin. The coconut oil is extracted from the flesh of fresh coconut,. It is blank inside, as it has been the subject of any chemical treatment, it is intact, because quality cold-pressed oil. It is dried by portion of the flesh (“dry method) or decanting of the coconut milk from the meat (” wet method “”). It is a powerful antioxidant, a natural stimulant of the immune system and metabolism, a powerful anti-bacterial active, and a moisturizer for the skin, Widely used in the tropics. It is pure and without other ingredients: no preservatives, fragrances, gluten, no nothing. (1) the coconut oil is comprised of 90% Saturated Fatty Acids. It is heat stable, non toxic. It is a natural and powerful antioxidant, because it does not produce free radicals, unlike mono- and polyunsaturated oils. As with all vegetable oils, it does not produce high cholesterol. It is solid up to 25 °C. 2) oil contains 67% Medium Chain Saturated Fatty Acids. It is easily absorbed by the body, and quickly converted by the liver into energy, without build up DanOrganic Virgin Coconut Oil & Fair 380 ml

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